This is the reason I'm not married

Hollisteristic.comToday I'm even 30 years old, but I don't have a partner yet not because I'm a voter, not because I'm not grateful. I will never forget that afternoon in my life, why am I not married? The reason is one because I still love my first love. It's stupid what makes me destroy my own life for the sake of that man

This is the reason I'm not married
This is the reason I'm not married
The reason I'm not married is because I'm waiting for him whom I love, surely you guys ask you guys to date, but aren't you married? No, I love him in silence without him knowing who knows only my friends and God. This is a crazy thing about my obsession with him, he is a man who is good at cheerful but rather intovert.

This is so crazy that I am close to my first love, but I realize I do not deserve to be with him I try to match him with my good friend, this is very crazy, my good friend knows my feelings, my good friend does not want but I forced and I ciye-ciyein it turned out to be true my friend's baper, just a long time ago there was no more news about them in my heart I am glad I turned out to be a failure, maybe I really did not intend to match them.
After more time I did not meet, it turned out that my best friend and man, I heard, planned a proposal and wanted to get married, my feelings were destroyed in ruins, this is my mistake to open the door of love for them and this is the reason I haven't married because until this moment I still expect men man.
The stupid thing I did as long as I breathed and this life I made mistakes too much hope for humans, I am hurt by my own actions I blame the situation that has happened, I'm embarrassed by my age where all my friends are married and have children while I'm not clear because I expect that love.

Now that I am doing this self-improvement, I learned sincerely for this decision that life does not stop here, I must immediately move on from all of them.
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A few months I prayed istiqoroh and prayed God listened to me, I met a man I never thought when at home my brother held a thanksgiving I met his son's aunt friend who happened to be the same age and had not married, apparently without me knowing my family was planning this and all I was never expected to be so happy and run two months later we were married at a hotel in Bandung.

Hoping to humans will be disappointed when we hope with the creator not to be asked all that is granted, thank God.

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