Use a Practical Sheet Mask, Don't Make the Following Mistakes

Hollisteristic.comSome people like to use ready-made sheet masks or masks in the form of thin sheets. This mask is more practical because it is only necessary to open the packaging and put the shape on the face, wait a few minutes, and feel the benefits.

Use a Practical Sheet Mask, Don't Make the Following Mistakes
Use a Practical Sheet Mask, Don't Make the Following Mistakes
For those of you who don't have time to make their own concoction, stirring up the mask material until evenly mixed, and slowly applying the mask with a brush to the face, sheet mask can be the right alternative. Skin and sex specialists, Edwin said there was no age limit in wearing a mask.

Regarding the use of sheet masks that are increasingly popular, Edwin reminded that there are some things that are often overlooked before, during, and after using them. Practically permissible, but things of this principle cannot be abandoned:

1. Not cleaning the face

As the main condition for makeup and before bed, the face must also be in a clean condition before wearing a mask. Besides being practical, one of the advantages of a sheet mask is a light texture that easily seeps into the skin.

So, do not leave any residual dirt that blocks the absorption of nutrients from the mask. If it is not absorbed, the result will settle and cause acne.

"Before using a mask, clean your face so that absorption is more maximal," said Edwin. "You can also apply a night cream or serum before using a sheet mask so that the serum can absorb deeper."

2. Pay attention to the womb

Pay attention to your skin needs and adjust to the content in the sheet mask. For dry skin, Edwin suggests a mask that contains moisturizers and is rich in hyaluronic acid, vitamin B5, vitamin C, and mulberry fruit extract.

For acne prone skin, select a sheet mask containing tea tree oil to reduce excess oil. As for oily skin, according to him, it's better to choose a mask that contains vitamin C or green tea to control oil.

3. The duration of wearing a mask

Edwin said the maximum duration of mask application is 20 to 30 minutes. If more than that, the mask will dry out and pull back the content that has entered the skin. "The right time to release the sheet mask is when it is still damp then the remaining essence can be used for the neck and hands," said Edwin.

4. Wash your face after using a mask

Must clean your face when wearing a powder or cream mask. But when using a sheet mask, Edwin Tanihaha said it was not allowed to rinse it. As a result, the main function of the sheet mask is to provide extra moisture to the face. "If washed, then the content will disappear," said Edwin.

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5. Don't pat your face

The cold sensation of the sheet mask when touching the facial skin makes it complacent and wants to enjoy the freshness. However, Edwin appealed to pat the face when using a sheet mask so that the penetration of the womb in the mask can be deeper so that the end result is more optimal.

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