Does Appearance Must Be Expensive?

Hollisteristic.comLooking attractive doesn't have to be expensive. Drove up to tens of millions just to have a certain brand. Not my intention to forbid you to enjoy your hard-earned money. Wasting it by having a well-known brand. But it's a good idea to spend it smartly. Get good quality items at the best prices.
Does Appearance Must Be Expensive?
Does Appearance Must Be Expensive?
Many people are crazy about certain brands / brands. Â Always updating the brand from type A to B. Â So what happens? They only focus on the brand, crazy about the quality of the items they wear, but do not care about the quality of harmony with their appearance.

Many people think that by taking refuge in the splendor of a brand that they wear, they will make their appearance quality equal to the quality of their brand. This is true if it is supported by harmony in it.
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The key to appearance is not always located from an expensive brand, but smart in finding the best price and able to harmonize (mix and match) between items with each other.

Mix And Match
Mix And Match
It's good if you want to have expensive items because you really like and need it. Not just follow the trend or show off with other people. What happens if the item is not a trend? What do you want the item to do? There is a theory that says.
"You should only buy items about which you are passionate rather than buying. A bunch of things that you will end up never wearing."
Always ask yourself when shopping, "What can I do if I buy this?"

Why should it be like that? Because I'm sure when you shop you are usually consumed by lust, can't wait to have it, which in the end you collect items that have no harmony between them.
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If you really want to have expensive and branded items, I suggest you pay attention to the trend. Look for trends that don't change too often, you can use them in long periods of time, and of course they are suitable when you wear them.

You don't have to worry about what it says on the label because it's not the brand on which you'll be judged, it's how good it looks on you

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