Puma Sneakers Recommendations That Make Casual Style Cool

Hollisteristic.comAfter collaborating with celebrities, athletes and world musicians, Puma's popularity has skyrocketed and is popular with many people. Puma itself has been established as a global sports brand for 50 years and continues to make breakthroughs in the sports equipment and clothing industry.
Puma Sneakers Recommendations That Make Casual Style Cool
Puma Sneakers Recommendations That Make Casual Style Cool
There are many collaborations that Puma collaborates with. One of them is collaboration with Korean pop bands, BTS, which is named Puma x BTS Basket Patent Sneakers. This collection of sneakers is very thick with the Fake Love singer boy band because it is inspired by the personal style of each member.

Recently, Puma also launched sneakers with Hybrid innovations that were previously applied to the Rocket Hybrid series. This technology is done by pulling and combining Ignite Foam and NRGY beads into one cohesive unit. This hybrid foam is the same as other original Rocket designs. Reportedly, this Puma series will shake the line of performance shoes that first existed.

What? Already no doubt do you want to look cool with Puma sneakers that have a myriad of collaborations and innovations? Now just check out the recommendations for Puma sneakers that make your casual style cool.

1. Puma x BTS Turin

This product is a series product which continues the previous campaign of Puma x BTS Court Star and Puma Made By BTS and Puma x BTS Turin. As informed in Teen Vogue, Puma x BTS Turin is also designed directly by BTS personnel. One of the typical details of BTS is the symbol of the hand holding the flower in several parts.

2. Puma Enzo Strap Mesh

These sneakers are designed minimalist without straps. Made from a combination of mesh and textile material that feels comfortable on the feet all day. There is a detailed Puma logo on the iconic velcro closure. Suitable for appearance during work or college. Pair it with your flagship jeans.

3. Puma Suede Classic
This suede sneakers are perfect for a neater and cleaner look. The Puma Suede Classic design is so simple that it is suitable for your various outfits. The feature of the grippy rubber outsole makes this shoe very comfortable to walk far. In addition, Puma Suede Classic comes in several color variants such as green, dark green and blue.

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