4 Mistakes Using Watches in Men

Hollisteristic.com - Watches, is one of the mandatory accessories for men. It is a big sin in our opinion if this item is forgotten to be worn. Why? Remember one thing, that men are very lacking in the category of accessories or jewelry. Very limited when compared to women.
Therefore, it is very important for men to wear a watch as an accessory.
4 Mistakes Using Watches in Men

Watch accessories are usually more expensive. Naturally, if this happened. Apart from functioning as a timepiece, watches in men can also show character, identity and social status.

For example, what impression comes to your mind when someone in front of you is wearing a gold-plated watch?

Of course one would think, he wasn't someone of an ordinary social status.

Apart from that, let's cover the rest of the section. In fact, there are still many who don't really understand how to use a watch

The following are some of the mistakes in using watches in men.

1. Use not according to the event

Watches are made up to a variety of models and materials. There is a purpose in that. For example, a strap made of rubber is suitable for outdoor activities and sports. The rubber material does not easily absorb sweat which may cause your watch to smell.

So, for an easy way, please pay attention to the material of the watch strap. Is it made of canvas, leather, or stainless?

  1. Rubber. It is perfect for heavy duty activities, outdoor activities, sports and also casual. The material is flexible and does not easily absorb sweat.
  2. Canvas. The strap of this material is suitable for casual occasions.
  3. NATO / ZULU / Nylon. Mostly made of nylon, the use is almost the same as canvas, on casual occasions.
  4. Leather. Basically, this is suitable for formal, semi-formal events, but it's okay if you try it on casual events.
  5. Stainless steel. Very obligatory for formal events. But uniquely, this strap can be worn on formal or casual events. Only outdoor activities or sports are not good enough. Outdoor activities, sports / sports require you to move freely and quickly. Stainless steel is less flexible, unlike rubber. The likelihood of injury, injury and discomfort will be greater.

2. Too many combinations of accessories

It doesn't matter if you already wear a watch coupled with other accessories, such as a bracelet on the same hand. The important thing to pay attention to is the quantity. If there are too many, it is not good for you to be a simple style ideology. Using 1 to 2 bracelets with the watch together is more than enough.

3. Too Loose

Remember this is a watch, not a bracelet. Make sure it fits snugly on the wrist. Neither tight nor too loose. How do you know if it is snug, loose or too tight?

If your wrist appears too deep after wearing it for a day, it is too tight.

If during use, your watch shifts irregularly, until the position of the watch head is on the outermost right or left side of the wrist, it means that it is too loose.

If neither, and the watch's head always fits snugly over the wrist, that's how to wear a watch that fits snugly.

Wearing a watch that is loose, usually a result of the strap being too long, or the strap holes not being enough. Take it to a watch repairer to fit your arm.

4. The Size Does Not Fit The Wrist

Another mistake in wearing men's watches is size. If you have large arms, do not use the small head section. Vice versa. If your arms are small, do not use the large head of the watch. Adjust it to the proportion of your wrist.

So, let's go back to the evaluation from now on, huh! now!. Please immediately pay attention to your current watch. Already correct?

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