Biden-Harris Moment During the Victory Speech - The elected President of the United States, Joe Biden, accompanied by the elected Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris, gave his victory speech in the 2020 US Presidential Election.
Biden-Harris Moment During the Victory Speech
Biden's speech was held in Wilmington, Delaware, Sunday (8/11/2020). Biden, wearing a black suit, understands the disappointment of Trump's voters. AP Photo / Andrew Harnik

It is known, Biden won after scooping 290 electoral votes, following his narrow victory in the state of Pennsylvania. After days of counting votes and getting into a fierce battle, the Democratic presidential candidate from the United States finally won the 2020 US Presidential election. AP Photo / Andrew Harnik

In his victory speech, Biden spoke to Trump voters to give each other a chance. Biden promised to become a president who does not seek division. AP Photo / Andrew Harnik

Before Biden, Harris appeared to have climbed the speech podium first. Harris wearing a white shirt. Harris touched on democracy in the US in his victory speech. AP Photo / Andrew Harnik

Harris's appearance on the podium in the victory speech was greeted by boisterous supporters. The location of Biden-Haris' victory speech was packed with their supporters using attributes. AP Photo / Andrew Harnik

In his speech, Harris touched on democracy. He said that sacrifices were needed in upholding democracy. AP Photo / Tasos Katopodis

Joe Biden gave his first speech after being elected president of the United States. During his speech, Joe Biden thanked his wife Jill Biden for the support she had given. He said Jill is an educator who has dedicated her life to education. AP Photo / Andrew Harnik

In his speech, the President-elect of the United States (US), Joe Biden, promised to immediately appoint scientists to the task force to deal with the Corona virus in the United States (US). Leading scientists and experts will be appointed as advisors to take pandemic response plans. AP Photo / Tasos Katopodis

Vice President of the United States (US) elected Kamala Harris is the first black woman elected to become Vice President of the United States. Harris believes there will be more women in that position. AP Photo / Andrew Harnik

Harris thanked supporters for choosing him and Joe Biden. He said the US would enter a new chapter of life. AP Photo / Andrew Harnik.

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