This is what Biden will do after being appointed US President - The President-elect of the United States (US), Joe Biden, will immediately take executive steps on his first day in office, which will undo President Donald Trump era policies. Biden promised to restore the US leadership role on the global stage.
This is what Biden will do after being appointed US President
As reported by CNN, Monday (9/11/2020), Biden's transition team has begun turning his campaign promises into plans that can be implemented from the start of his presidency.

Biden's first focus is most likely the Corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic which is getting worse. He will announce the Corona virus task force with 12 members on Monday (9/11) local time. During his campaign, Biden also said he would speak with a top US infectious disease expert, Dr Anthony Fauci, before he takes office.
Biden is also preparing to take a series of executive steps that will undo much of Trump-era foreign policy. He will also seek to return the US to its status at the end of President Barack Obama's administration four years earlier.

Asked about the steps Biden would take on his first day in office, Biden's campaign adviser, Symone Sanders, said the president-elect would "keep his promises" made during the campaign.

It is known that Biden repeatedly promised that he would get the US to rejoin the Paris climate accord on his first day in office. Trump is known to withdraw the US from an important international agreement in fighting climate change in 2017.
Biden also mentioned that under his leadership, the US would rejoin the World Health Organization (WHO). Trump withdrew the US from WHO membership some time ago.

In his campaign, Biden also promised to lift entry bans from several Muslim-majority countries that were imposed during the Trump era. He will also reactivate the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program which allows groups of 'dreamers' - undocumented immigrants brought into the US as children - to remain on US soil.

This year's election results - with Republicans still holding dominance in the US Senate, although Democrats will win dominance if they win two Senate seats in Georgia in a follow-up round in early January next year - underscore Biden's difficulty getting legislative approval later.

The Biden transition team, which has been quietly preparing since Labor Day on May 1, has increased activity in recent weeks, including launching a website and social media accounts on Sunday (8/11) local time. Through his Twitter account, the Biden-Harris transition team confirmed that the next US administration will face the "most pressing" challenges facing the US.

"Protect and safeguard the health of the nation, renew opportunities for success, promote racial equality and combat the climate crisis," they said.

In his campaign, Biden also outlined a number of other priorities, such as tackling systemist racism, climate change and extending protection for trade unions.

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